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Save Your Self (Esteem) You don't dig speaking up in social situations or speaking your mind at work or in class. You don't trust yourself and are probably a pushover for anyone that will give you attention. You're likely to follow your crowds' fads, which might make you a slave to fashion, but also get you into serious trouble. Good news? You're not egotistical and you make a good, supportive friend. Bad news? Low-self esteem is dangerous. Tina B. Tessina Ph.D., a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Long Beach, Calif., says you're vulnerable to getting pregnant, contracting an STD or getting into trouble with substance abuse. There are lots of reasons you might feel this way. Tessina says you may have grown up in an unsupportive home environment, you could be caught up in a tough time in your life and, she adds, media shares some of the blame. She says it's important not to judge yourself against pro performers. 'Even Britney Spears doesn't look and feel like Britney Spears in real life,' Tessina says. Tessina suggests that you read biographies of people you admire -- you'll find that anyone you admire has survived tough times. Tessina also suggests that you stay close to the people who are most supportive of you. 'If you're depressed,' Tessina says, 'losing sleep, or have unhealthy eating habits you need to talk to your parents, go to school counselor, spiritual leader, even an older siblings teacher, or friends' parent -- they can help you take care of you.' To learn more about building your confidence, check out these tips to improve your self-esteem.