Make your own free website on Who's Your Inner Rock Star? Are You High Maintenance? What's Your Perfect Car? Are You a Workaholic? What's Your Perfect Workout? Are You a Slacker? What's Your Flavor? Are You a Sex God Or Are You Just a Suave Guy? What's Your Eating Style? Are You Fit to Commit? Oh, god so many questions I wish there was a place where I could take quizzes so I could truly find the inner me!!! Whatever will I do? Oh wait, I forgot that's why there's an Whether you are having an identity crisis, yearning to take cute quizzes, or simply dying of boredome, has all the answers. This is an online diary community. You can read others entries, or just write in your own online diary. One of the reasons I love this site is because it helps me to realize that people are experiencing the sane ups and downs of this rollercoaster we call life. Ever wondered if you'd look good as a redhead? Does it seem like you've had the same haircut since 1st grade? Never fear, is here! Although it has many of the typical effeminate aspects of a Virtual Makeover----like you know tryong on virtual makeup and stuff---Clearly, the best part is seeing yourself with funky hairstyles and weird sunglasses. Come on Guys! You know you want to go! (Just nodd and smile) whether you're a brainiac, comic cruiser, movie maven, music maniac, thrifty diva, tree hugger, fashion junkie, techno dyke, or just a veggie will find something that intrigues you at this site Are you hot or not? Well if you can't make up your mind, submit a picture and others will rate you on a 1-10'll see your average score and this will either plumit or sky-rocket your feeling of self-worth. Yay! A collection of websites that will keep you entertained when you are bored on the web. Are you lonely? Seeking a friend, penpal, or sweetheart? This site will help find that special person through the powers of internet matchmaking. Kevyn Aucoin puts the word art into "makeup artist" unlike any other, and he does a makeover for this site each month. Have you ever looked at a magazine and felt bad about yourself? Or stared at an avertisement and got the urge to say, "Hey man that is downright degrading to women!" Well you may not have ever experienced these feelings but still, you should check out this site because it helps show the evil psychology of advertising companys This is a wonderful site....every woman should bookmark it.