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Dear Journal,

09/05/01 7:11 AM

Tomorrow will be my first day at my new high school. I am so excited and eager to get there. I have so many questions Most of them pertaining to my social welfare: Will I make good friends? Who will I become friends with? Will I have social conflicts?

It seems my intense desire to attain social stability at school might actually end up driving people away from me. I am afraid that I will be too forward, too quickly, and people will get think I'm just strange and avoid me. No one ever really gets a good impression of me initially because I always put up a front.
I am going to TRY to be shy, hold back those parts of me that I need to….I guess I should play it like I do with Hot or Not. Put on my prettiest face, blow dry my hair, and hope that a nice smile and a good figure will get the superficial ones to welcome me---at least until I get my feet on the ground.

I'll write back later.


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