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As Death Comes Near...

Not much time
Got to hold on
Got to stay strong
Enjoy every second
Seconds go by
Before I can realize it
It is already gone

Retreat to the inside
Need to replenish
Inside there's confusion

Seek the outside
Need support to stay strong
The infidel outside deteriorates
Escape from despair
Despair advances from all sides

Seek hope
And yet there is no light to be seen
Glimmers of hope peek through
Yet are fickle
Like a free spirit that can not be caged
It is illusive and runs away
Never can I hold the light for long
The light I cannot hold

I am alone

It is dark
I am scared
Can't hold on to hope

Seconds racing
No time for bullshit
No more happy thoughts
No more warmth or love
No more bubble baths
No more giggles

Too many dreams unfulfilled
Too many tears
My heart is cracking
As each second
Passes me by
Tick, tick, tick
The sounds of seconds escaping
Can't waste time

Time is still ticking
Time is so valuable when it's limited
Life is so valuable when it's soon to be gone
And with the shattering sound of the bell
Life will be taken
Stolen will be my dreams, hopes, fears, and memories.

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